Maritime & Shipping Awards 2016

The Maritime & Shipping Awards 2016 are all about recognising the talent and hard work done by firms across the shipping industry. We welcome votes for businesses of all sizes throughout the shipping industry, whether that be air, land or water transport or firms working with freight, cargo, logistic, imports and beyond.

Shipping is a vastly important aspect of any economy, and therefore the Maritime & Shipping Awards 2016 were designed to pay tribute to the dedicated firms and individuals that keep the region moving.

Following our nomination and voting stages of the programme, our dedicated awards team have undertaken a huge amount of rigorous research, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that these awards are allocated only to the professionals that truly deserve them. The awards are based 100% on merit and are a reflection of those executives currently making an impact in their firms and industries. In short, any business who has received one of these awards can be safe in the knowledge that they are among the very best shipping businesses operating anywhere within the Asia Pacific region.


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