About Us

boatvaluer‘ Ian Walker is a Registered Marine Valuer.CP76. Operating in the Marine Industry for many years. We complete valuations Nationwide and throughout the South Pacific. Also Recognised as Registered Marine Valuers by The National Australian Bank. (NAB) also The Bank of America. N.A.

We offer a complete service, we will value everything Marine. We are based in Auckland and have travelled from Houhora in the far North to Dusky Sound in the far south-west.
We value all types of boats from trailer boats, recreational vessels. commercial vessels and the business. Offshore motor yachts and sailing yachts.

NZ Marine Valuations Limited was formed in October 2012. Ian Walker is the Managing Director. Ian has been in the Marine Industry for more than 30 years. We considered that the time had arrived, for a dedicated standalone Boat Valuations Company, and stay in the Valuation business:  Ian has many years of boat brokerage experience since 1984. Valuations were previously submitted by boat brokers.
Valuations are provided within the guidelines as established by PINZ; the Property Institute of New Zealand (Plant and Machinery)  Marine is a sub-section of Plant and Machinery. Our valuations comply with the International Standards of London. ( IVS 2017).

We have submitted boat valuations for specific requirements; vessels ranging from two 47m  (154 ft ) to 3.6m (12 ft). The requests for valuations is steadily increasing to be very interesting and rewarding. In addition to our pleasure boat owners who require  valuations for a wide range of requirements, we also submit valuations for insurance companies and loss adjusters with challenges often presented; A PAV (a pre-loss valuation) required with not a lot of information about the stolen boat, mostly trailer boats and jet ski’s; the vessel that has sunk and a PAV and salvage valuation, like a wreck, is requested. The substantial two Yachts that fell over on marina hard stands, a PAV was required for Insurance purposes.

No contact was permitted with the owners. The yacht that was washed onto the rocks ashore, one could see into the vessel from the outside, a PAV required, the large motor yacht that hit rocks and quickly sunk, 3 days later there was only flotsam to show from the vessel. And so it goes on. We totally enjoy our valuation work covering so many different aspects within the Marine Industry.  

Today, there is more accountability, Institutions require  Registered Valuations. Whilst we may have an idea as to the value initially, we must show how the value was arrived at. Research about a specific vessel is a large component. The history and the value of the vessel in the marketplace as it exists today, (many years of brokerage is invaluable) a thorough knowledge of the particular type of vessel. To provide this service, there are numerous requirements to be satisfied, and accountability, to enable the client to be confident that the valuation he has commissioned, has indeed been prepared in a professional manner. That full disclosure has been addressed, and we are in possession of all the facts, to allow a qualified and informed valuation to be submitted.

Demand for Marine plant & machinery valuations is increasing with the maritime requirements for the new specialised plant to meet specific requirements of this highly technical construction.

Mission Statement

We offer prompt attention to your requirements, we email our Proposal / Contract for Valuation with our Terms and Conditions including our fee for the service you require, we are unable to provide a desk top Valuation, but will provide the desk top valuation if the vessel has been reported stolen. We are in the process of adding a Stolen Boats Page with the emphasis on photographs as opposed to Text. This will be regularly edited.
We are committed to our work, we thoroughly enjoy the valuation process as it relates to the Marine Industry. We take pride in our work, we have been advised: “our reports are very comprehensive”.  We are very good at what we do.

As we become increasingly professionally involved, we are realizing there is far more to this process than we ever imagined. We look forward to a future of Marine Valuations with considerable enthusiasm.

The costs of being a Registered Marine valuer CP.76 (Certificate to Practice) are considerable.