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Entered 03 October 2016


In the dead of night, late in August 2016, forced entry was made to this vessel, at anchor, off Snells Beach, Warkworth. The last 15 years the reqular anchor spot of the vessel. Within about 6-8 hrs the aerials were the only visible signs the owner could see of his 15 year old, 21m x 8.5m custom, power catamaran. Aluminium construction, flybridge, 2 x 375 hp diesel engines, 4 cabins. UN-INSURED. A total loss. We were engaged to submit a Pre Loss Valuation and the Salvage value. The latter was $1.00. The vessel was underwater about 5-6 days prior to being salvaged. The worst ever sight an owner could ever awake to!

Don’t ever let this happen to you, ensure for the Market Value and sleep well knowing what ever happens, you are covered.

Entered August 2016

ARE YOU insured for Market Value ?

From the first sign of fire until the vessel disappeared below the waves was 20 minutes. The owner was Insured! June 2016 Hauraki Gulf.

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